You search the web as you always do, we donate to Australia's leading charities is just like any other browser – but better. We built with every Australian in mind. You search the web, we help the Australian communities in need

Aussie company founded in 2015

We are Australian, Forever and Always

Raising money for Charities

We love tech

Australians never fail to help one another

The stakes have never been higher. Australia is one of the world’s greatest biodiversity spots - and it’s under siege.

Even when the bushfires are extinguished, the needs of tens of thousands of Australians and millions of our precious wildlife remain. That’s why Questa, an Australian founded/built/owned company will donate XX% of net profits to these charities specifically designed to help fellow Australians.

Aussie search company founded in 2010

Questa is a privately owned, Australian focused Search Engine technology company. Questa’s niche is to create custom technology for consumers and publishers with a view supporting the Aussie economy. We also love Bondi (which is where we’re based!)

We are Australian, forever and always

Yep, we love Australia because we are Australian. We also want to keep all the revenue in Australia so we can give back to Aussies who need it most. #KEEPITINOZ

Raising Money for charities

We all understand that giving back helps not only those in need – but makes us feel better.

It’s important to make a difference. Questa invites you to make a real difference to Aussies in need - by helping us help them. Keep doing what you do but get the added benefit of knowing you’ve made a difference to someone in need.

We love technology

We’ve loved tech since we were born. Questa is using its technology to support Australians in need by building sustainable technology that is easy to use and understandable. We also believe that technology should be used as a way to improve lives.

Please join Questa in our efforts in using technology to make a difference.

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